“We believe the police framed our chairman”, says the youth alliance of P.T.P.

Residents of Cook County, Illinois, and elsewere, the following is the view of the youth alliance of Adam Titus' conviction as compiled by the Pounding The Problem Alliance Public Relations Committee.

As you know, on January 12, 2002, Adam Titus (age 17) was charged and convicted for accountability of felony murder, so read the newspapers. However, many questions raised by the youth's alliance and other concerned members of society remain unanswered. There exist many questionable facts that don't meet the satisfaction of the charges and convictions of Adam Titus. The Cook County Justice Department, as a whole, would have us believe something contrary to P.T.P.'s accusations. That is, that their chairman was "unjustifiably" convicted by the Cook County Justice System.

There are too many questionable facts which support the P.T.P. Alliance's point of view. They are as follows:

1. Adam Titus was held unlawfully in police custody for over 72 hours, interrogated extensively, beaten, tortured, and denied access to counsel.

2. Adam Titus' fingerprints were not obtained from any evidence of the case at hand.

3. There were witnesses that gave many different and inconsistent statements.