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Issue No. 2

Corey Moore: Sentenced to Death Under a Flawed System

Corey Moore's guilt rests largely on a questionable identification by a single eyewitness. The identification procedures used by the police were unnecessarily suggestive and the eyewitness' testimony was confusing and inconsistent. When shown a photo of Mr. Booker, she identified him as a person known to her as "Corey". However, the witness later testified that, before the day of the crime, she had never seen Corey nor known his name.

Mr. Booker's confession, taken at the notorious Area Two Police Headquarters, was under questionable circumstances that raise concerns over its reliability and voluntariness. Mr. Booker confessed after being held in police custody for more than 36 hours. This confession was not recorded on video. After his trial and sentencing, the attorneys who represented Mr. Booker admitted their own incompetence in written motions.

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Corey Moore #R-23402
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